Michi Ski

One of a kind Backcountry Skis

Michi Skis is a small Calgary based manufacturer of light back country skis. Our shop is set up to make small production runs or customized, one of a kind skis.

Our vision is to sustainably create high quality back country skis, perfected to skiing in the Rockies.

To help you get the ski you want, Michi skis will provide you with demo skis of our Powder Spoon or High Rockies II models from which you are able to customize length, side cut, stiffness, camber and binding positioning.

Internal Construction

Michi skis are built with a continuous grain Sitka spruce which is formed around the core to the side cut of the ski and blended with Balsa wood. Aluminum binding pads with tapped bolt holes are mounted and the ski is wrapped in a carbon fiber sleeve which is then married to the base and edges and sealed with a urethane coat. This construction process improves dampening and increases torsional strength while minimizing weight.

Art work

Our unique artwork is airbrushed or hand painted with acrylic paint. Please see our demo line for design series which can be applied to any model. Michi skis does encourage creativity and we are happy work with you on your own design. We are also happy to connect you with local artists for commission.

Design your own ski, the easy way

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Kid skis

Michi-Kid skis are constructed with a Balsa wood core creating a nimble ski which is easy to carve. We are happy to apply any design series from the adult line or work with you to create your own. We can also provide a suitable background to apply decals. New for the 2021/2022 season, we have Tech bindings and boot modifications to provide an overall AT solution, under 200 g.

Weight Weenies

World cup light skis weigh 0.58gr/cm2 and are constructed with narrow racing edges and a base planed thin. In comparison, Michi Skis typically weigh 0.69 gr/cm2 as we use robust edges that are able to withstand some snow sharks, handle moguls and hard pack. If you want to reduce your ski weight as much as possible while maintaining strength, we can fit the binding plate to the exact binding and location rather than allowing for typical mounting variances fore and aft.


Michi Skis strives to REDUCE. In manufacturing the wood core, our sawdust waste is less than 10% and we remove 30% of raw core weight to cut the ski (competitive CNC processes can remove over 50%). Our casting process results in 5% carbon fiber and resin waste (which can compare to 50% in other processes). We also encourage you to demo our skis prior to purchase to ensure you get the ski you want, the first time.

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pocaterra Ridge -- Nov 18

About 1m of snow. A little wind crusty but powdery in sheltered areas.

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