18 Nov

Today, we demo'd the small High Rockies II (HRII), the small Powder Spoon and the medium Powder Spoon.

All demo skis come with three binding positions, forward, mid and rear. Please note the rear binding position is meant for skiers still developing precise control of the front of the ski.

With a forward binding mount the small HRII responded like a quick slalom ski, with fast, tight controlled turns, easily dealing with the wind crust, and slarving in the boot top powder. With the binding set to mid, it should be a more relaxed easy ski.

The small Powder Spoon was set at the mid binding position. It also easily handled the wind crust, floated and slarved nicely in the powder. An expert skier might want to try the forward position for a quicker ski in steep tight trees.

The medium HRII also set in the mid binding position flowed nicely through the wind crust and was quick to turn or slarve in the powder.

All in all a very successful test day.

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